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Illithid Mind Flayer Statuette

(for sale)

This strangely cute little guy promises that he’ll always love you for your brains!

Your sweet, juicy brains.

Inspired by the Illithid/Mind Flayers from Dungeons & Dragons, he stands 3½” tall and 2½” at the widest part of his base.

This purple polymer clay Happy Little Beholder was an Etsy order a few months ago.

They’re available in a rainbow of colors and they’re another piece that I’ll always have available for order through Etsy.

I desperately need to update my Etsy promo pictures for these as their style has definitely evolved over the last year and a half or so.
I’m still alive! I promise! Here is a picture of an adorable pair of Tentacle Buddies to prove it.

These feisty little guys were given to a good friend who came to stay with me in February after my surgery. I took a ton of pictures of them but now I can only find this cell phone picture of only their fronts.

These little guys come in any color combination and are always available through my Etsy shop. I’m going to include the link so there’s an example of their backside and suckers.

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